Thursday, July 6, 2017

Clogged Drains

I just wanted to write a quick post about clearing drains. In the case of a toilet clog the first thing you should try is plunging the drain. The best way to properly plunge to drain is by firmly seating the plunger head into the bowl drain then"chunk!" the heck outta that thing. Short swift plunges that don't come out of the water should create a fair amount of force. Remember to keep your mouth closed and maybe wear some safety glasses. Toilet water to the eye is a great way to get an infection and its just gross. When plunging doesn't work give me a call, I have secret ways of dealing with stubborn clogs. Just a warning, don't let anyone run a metal sewer snake through the bowl of your toilet. This can scratch the porcelain. The toilet should be drained and removed and the sewer snake should go directly into the drain pipe.

Another common clog is sink and shower drains. First thing to consider is if anyone in the family has long hair. We all do in my house plus a few cat baths leaves our tub drain blocked every six months or so. Another cause may be grease washed down sink drains. This can collect on the inside of the pipes, reducing flow. For the tub drain I suggest a "zipstick" or drain pull stick. The zipstick has barbs that catch hair and muck that may be stuck in the first foot or so of the drain. A grease blockage can be chemically removed with a drain cleaner. Please remember to wear personal protective equipment and don't mouth breath while you are clearing a clogged drain.

When all else fails please give me a call or leave me a comment and I will do my best to help.